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April 14, 2012
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Spain X Reader – Spanish Class

Looking at the paper in your hand, you thought about what to choose as a language class.  ''Spanish, French, or Italian'', you thought.  ''I wonder… if Spanish is easy…'' you thought about it for a moment and decided on your class.  ''I'm not all that interested in the other classes… so I'll have to take Spanish…'' you sighed.  

''Okay class, I have a guest here who will be helping me teach you Spanish'' states the teacher.  ''Everyone meet Antonio'' she smiled brightly at him.  ''He's not that older than the rest of you'' she exclaims.  ''Okay class, the first thing we need to learn are greetings'' she wrote on the board the words: ''Hola, ¿Cómo estás?''. ''This means, Hello or Hi.  How are you doing?  Or how are you?'' Writing down notes in your book, you couldn't resist but to stare at Antonio.  He smiled and waved at everyone; he was so cheerful.  Your teacher wrote down some more things like:  ¡Buenos días! – Good morning, ¡Buenas tardes! – Good afternoon, and ¡Buenas noches! – Good night.  
''Now for a moment, I want you guys to practice with a friend or neighbour, using the greetings that I taught you.  If you need help with some other words, you can ask Antonio''.    She clapped her hands and everyone began chatting in Spanish.  ''Hola Kiku!'' exclaimed Feliciano brightly.  ''H-hola, Feliciano…'' replied Kiku in a slightly embarrassed way.  You sighed as you looked around; no one seemed to want to talk to you.  Waiting patiently, you began practicing saying the words to yourself.  

''Hola Senorita!'' exclaimed a voice.  You looked around and saw that it was Antonio.  He looked in your direction and you looked down, ''there's no way that he's talking to me…'' You continued to stay silent.  ''Senorita!'' he called again, as you looked up and he nodded.  ''M-me?'' you asked a bit shocked.  ''Hola!'' he repeated.  ''H-Hola Antonio!'' He came over to you, despite the crowds of desks in front of him.  ''and what would your name be?'' he asked you quite politely.  He took you by the hand and smiled at you.  ''_-__________'' you replied, your face blushing a bit.  ''Ah _________, ¿Cómo estás?''  remembering that ¿Cómo estás? Means how are you, you replied, ''I'm good'' and tried to smile.  ''Muy Bien!  You remembered!'' Trying to think of something else to say, you decided, '' ¿y tú?'' He laughed, ''ah Estoy bien mi amiga'' he replied very joyfully.  ''Why are you so lonely here?  Don't you want to talk to the other people?'' he asked you suddenly taking a chair from the empty desk in front of you.  ''W-well… I'm embarrassed at my Spanish.  I'm afraid that I'll say some things wrong…'' you scratched the back of your head nervously.  ''Really? You're actually really good at Spanish!'' he stated.  ''You think so?'' He nodded in response.  ''Most people that know that speak English have incorrect pronunciations, but you seem very fluent with Spanish that's really interesting haha''.  You smiled back at him and gave out a laugh.  ''Spanish isn't all that bad as I thought it would be'' your laughter increased.  ''You have such a cute laugh'' he exclaimed, laughing with you.  He sat next to you as you continued to giggle.  Playfully pushing him in the chest, your face burned red.  
The bell finally rang for the next class.  ''What class do you have next?'' you asked Antonio, cured of your laughter.  ''I have um…'' he took out a piece of paper and took a great look at it, ''I have physical education'' he stated.  ''You seem like a new person here.  Is that why I didn't see you all that much this year?'' you asked.  He nodded, ''I just moved here earlier.  Haha to be honest, you are like my first friend''  

''Really? A guy like you, I thought you'd have a lot of friends'' you exclaimed.  He shrugged.  ''Well I'll see you next time then __________'' he said waving.  You smiled and hugged your books.  ''Oh Antonio…. I really hope I see you again…'' your face blushed.
How did you like your lessons today? ;)

Characters Hidekaz Himaruya
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