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November 27, 2011
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Romano X Reader – Lost

''Oi Spain!'' cried a man.  He wore a pink buttoned up shirt and black pants.  He also wore a scarf; it was elegantly black and dark green.  His hair was the color of chocolate, and he had a small cute curl to the right side of his head.  He had a serious face and looked as there he was lost.  At this time, you were just sitting in the park and tried to get done some reading.  

The man looked behind him and found that no one was around him.  He searched even around him, not noticing your stares.

''Spain?  Where is that bastard?'' he asked himself.  ''maybe I was walking too fast and he couldn't keep up…''

You thought he looked cute, the way he was talking to himself.  Get up from your seat, you decided to go and help him.  You stepped behind him and gently tapped him on the shoulder.  He spun around as quickly as he could and you were suddenly knocked to the ground.  ''What are you doing to bastard-!'' he stopped as soon as he noticed who you were.  ''Oh… I'm sorry; I thought you were someone else… I… I'm really sorry…'' he took your hand and helped you up.  

''T-that's okay…'' you said taking a deep breath.  ''I'm ________, are you lost?'' you asked politely.

''Ah- yes…I got lost after my fr- … after he left…''  

''Let me help you…'' you took his hand and began leading him out of the park.  You smiled as you saw him redden when you looked back.   It took a while to get out of the park so you both decided to go look around.  You talked about the different types of plants there and you both gazed endlessly at the beauty of the park.  Soon, he told you his name was ''Lovino Vargas, or Romano''.  You both walked still hand in hand.  Soon, you both forgot about leaving the park.  You felt somehow closer to this stranger.  You began to develop a crush for him.  

Suddenly, as you both were gazing at the small birds in the trees, a man called out to your friend.  

''Ah!  There you are Romano!  I was looking for you!''  He came up closer.  He was wearing a white buttoned up shirt with three buttons undone.  He was smiling as he introduced himself.  ''ah, hola mi amiga, me llamo Antonio, you can call me Spain… and you?''

''Ah yes, my name is _______, it's nice to meet you'' you tried to avert your eyes from looking at where his shirt opened.  

''There you are you bastard!  I was looking everywhere for you!'' Romano rushed up to the man and began hitting him with his fists.  Antonio didn't mind much and began laughing.  ''it's good to see you too Romano~~''   He turned to face Romano.  ''So this is your girlfriend no?  She's a really pretty one~ lucky for you''

Romano's face turned red.  

Spain waved to you and turned to walk out of the park.  Before he left, Romano rushed back to you and took your hands.  ''today was nice, bella.   I wish to meet you again sometimes…'' your eyes met and at that moment, you knew that you loved him.  

"ah yes… I will miss you very much Romano…'' you smiled and you both exchanged a warm hug.  He turned to smile at you and you captured that moment in your heart.  

Lovino~…. You remembered his name so clearly.
Im really fond of Romano and his cuteness. Hes rude but I still love him~~
Anyways, I hope you guys like this short story of Romano X Reader. Do you guys think I should make more Romano X Readers?

Characters (C) Hidekaz Himaruya

Feel free to download~

If there are any mistakes... feel free to comment with the correct ones~
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