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Germany X Reader –

That afternoon, you decided to take a nice walk in the park.  With your cute, small little paws, you started out the door.  Your owner had given you a cute white hat in which you loved so much.  Suddenly, after making your way out the door, you spotted a gray colored cat nearing the corner street.  He had a black, red, and yellow colored scarf on and by this, you knew you were nearing DoitsuNeko.  ''Meow~'' you called over.  
He turned back in alert, but returned back to continue walking.  ''Meow~'' you called back.  You rushed up to him, calling his name.  ''Oh ________, it's just you…. I thought it was Gino.''  
''How are you doing today?'' you asked.  ''I'm good.  Where are you headed?''
''I was going to go to the park today, wanna come?'' you were really excited to hang out with your fellow cat friend.  ''I was going to take my day nap today, but I guess I can-''
''Great!  It's going to be so fun~"  
After arriving at the park, you gazed around, interested in the humans that pass you by.  ''So why do you want to go to the park?'' asked Doitsuneko.  ''It's really boring, and I want to show off my new hat.  Do you like it?'' you asked smiling brightly at him.  ''Meow meow~'' you said.  ''I-it's very nice…'' he said, his face turning red.  
Walking in for a while, you began to see more and more humans.  They were all so happy and joy-filled.  You began to wish that you were a human as well.  ''neh… DoitsuNeko … don't you ever wish to become human?''  
''I guess you can say that… Though,  I've never thought of such thing''  
''What if we can?  Look, there!  A wishing fountain'' you pointed to the water fountain where the humans would throw in their coins to make a wish.  ''It's so pretty!'' you said holding on to the rim of the fountain with your paws.  ''Be careful!  There's water there…'' state DoitsuNeko.  
''It seems the humans throw in coins to make a wish… here'' he said giving you a coin with his mouth.  ''I found this on the ground''.  You closed your eyes and wished to become human.  Then, you tossed in the coin with your mouth.  You waited a bit for the wish to work.  ''I wonder when it's going to happen!'' you exclaimed.  ''I don't think it's working…'' you said after a little while of waiting.  ''This fountain… I don't think it's real…''states DoitsuNeko.  ''Let's go, it's getting dark'' then, Doitsuneko made his way out of the park and towards home.  ''Okay, I guess you're right…'' you said quickly fixing your fur with your tongue.  
That night, DoitsuNeko walked you all the way home.   ''Thank you DoitsuNeko!'' you said happily, by this time, you've forgotten about your wish.  ''I didn't want you to get lost again…  Well, good night ________.  I will see you tomorrow…''
That night, you fell fast asleep.  Without noticing, something changed.   That morning, you woke up in your tiny bed feeling very strange.  Suddenly, you tried to scratch your ear with your leg, but you fell with a loud thump.  ''What the… how come I-'' you looked to see where your cat paws were; now seeing human hands.  ''This is incredible!'' you screamed.  Suddenly, you quieted down as you heard a small noise from upstairs.  ''Oh yeah… Master is still sleeping… I shouldn't wake her…''
You looked at your body; it was the same color as your fur when you were a cat.  This time, you had a nicely white colored dress on and your hat increased size.  You smiled brightly with joy, for you knew you were finally human.  You attempted to walk just as the humans as.  Looking in the mirror, you saw that the fur all over your body just turned into the hair on your head.  ''Amazing~'' you whispered.  You also tried using the door just as the humans did.  You tried forcefully, but quietly to open the door.  Finally, you got the door opened and decided to walk to the park once again.  The small gravels of the pavement were hard on your feet.  You walked for a little bit but couldn't take it anymore.  ''I should try using shoes just as the humans did!'' you exclaimed.  You tried to remember the times that your owner put on her shoes.  Every morning, before your owner went to work, you would always watch her leave.  She would then pet you on the head and tell you ''goodbye'' and that she will be back later.  You always loved your owner, ''she's a good woman'' you told yourself.  After wearing shoes, you walked out again, tipsy on the toes, and continued towards the park.  ''This is pretty difficult… I should go visit DoitsuNeko!''

After getting to his house, you gently called out his name.  '''Are you home?'' you asked.  ''_-__________!'' he called out.  ''What happened to me?  I am… I'm a human!''  You saw GermanyNeko as he got out of the corner he was hiding from.  He had blonde-colored hair and his eyes were blue, just as he was a cat.  He also wore a white t-shirt with a jacket over it.  Lastly, he wore black pants and black shoes.  ''Let's go to the park~nya~'' you said.   ''How is my master going to react to this!?'' he yelled.  ''Don't worry, let's go to the park, we'll talk it over from here~'' you grabbed his hand and began rushing towards the park.  ''Hold on!  The park is that way!''  
As soon as you made it to the park, you were very tired.  ''DoitsuNeko!  How do you feel about being a human?'' you asked quietly.  ''It's really different from being a cat…''
''That is true…'' he replied.  
You looked around and saw that the people that walked pass you two weren't as taller as and bigger than they were when you were a cat.  You smiled at the thought.   Turning to face Doitsuneko, you felt a small emotion in your heart and knew you had feelings for him.  You couldn't describe them, for this was the first time you've felt this way.  With his hand in yours, you couldn't help but resist leaning closer for a kiss.  As you did, for you felt you had to do this, this had been a dream come true.  ''I, Love, you…'' you state, trying to remember the words that you listened to the humans (that come to this park) say.  You tried hard to imitate them, but finally managed to get the words out.  ''I love you too _______'' he said.  You reached closer and gave him a really big hug.  ''I love you…'' you whispered again.
I was requested to another story with Ludwig<3.
Quote: Germany X Reader (Catalia something involving Christmas, cats, read as a neko hybrid, (and possibly sexiness?)
Since Christmas isnt here anymore and its passed New Years, I decided to do a clean Valentines Day story including Catalia.
Gino Italianeko
Tama Nihonneko
Characters Hidekaz Himaruya
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