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February 23, 2012
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Pirate! England X Reader X Pirate! Scotland – Traveling with a Captain Part 1

Putting your hands in your pockets, you thought about your life on land.  It was quite boring compared to the lives of those you've read so far.  As you turned your face towards the left, you saw the sea.  ''well let's face it… sea is actually better than land…'' you looked up, ''then there's the sky…''.  You were a tomboy, dressed in all dark red and black.  You dressed in black male shorts and a dark red buttoned up shirt.  

As you returned home that evening you were confronted by your mother.  She wore a white rag over her head and seemed as if she were washing the clothes by hand.  ''________, how was today dear?'' she asked politely.  You began to think about the sea once again, and finally replied, ''there wasn't anything interesting today'' you grabbed a piece of bread off the table and began to talk with your mouth full.  ''You know, you're Father would be proud to see his little daughter grow up right before his eyes'' she stated giving you a smile as she picked up the basket full of clothes.  You remembered your Father as a little child.  He was always so strong and caring, but one day, he was called back unto sea and he never returned.  ''Mom…'' what if I wanted to travel the sea?  Just like Father did?'' you asked her, looking away.  She gave out a small laugh as if it were a joke, ''you cannot be serious dear… I don't think it'll be the safest place for a woman you're going to grow up to become''.  You looked at her in frustration at her words.  ''There wasn't ever a time where I didn't hear you ask me what is my dream to be.  Maybe I want to be like Father and roam the seas; maybe land isn't fun for me… maybe I don't belong here.  Did you ever think about that?'' you began to stomp to your room, irritated at her statement.  ''Dear, I'm only doing what's best for you'' you heard her call up.  She sighed and continued to fold up clothes.  

You jumped face flat on your bed and sighed.  Living this close to the waters made it a goal set for these types of people, you thought.  We were born near the seas; we were destined to go there one day, why can't she understand that?  ''Woman or not… I don't care about my well being… I just want to be away from this boring piece of land… I want to go out to sea where Father is.  I want to carry out his dream the way he might have wanted me to go'', you told yourself.  You thought about it for the rest of the day, whether you should sneak out or not.  Rolling a bit on your bed, you thought hard about this situation.  Placing your hands behind your head, you finally understood your mission in life.  ''I do what I want, so I will do this…'' you stated as you got up.  Heading over to your desk, you took a small pencil and a piece of paper.  You wrote a note to your mother about your leavings and what you wanted her to know.  You lost your frustration for her and decided that since this is the last day you'll be seeing her, you didn't want to see her cry because of it or let her stop you.  ''This is my dream…. Can't you see?'' you asked, referring to her.  

That night, the clock read 12:00 am.  Looking out your window, you saw a convenient ship nearby at the ports.  Before this, you packed up your clothes, having no force in placing them all in a small brief case.  You took the letter in your hands and sighed, you didn't want to leave your mother, but you couldn't stop yourself.  ''This is the last time I'll be seeing your face…''.  You packed with you, a picture of your family, while you were all together.  ''So I will remember you guys forever…'' you said, touching the picture where your mother and Father showed.  

As you left that night, you left the letter on the dinning table where you knew your mother would see it.  You headed back up to your room and decided to climb out the balcony instead.  Carefully, you headed down the left side of the balcony and down you went.  Taking a last look at your home, you sighed and continued to the ship.  A bell began to ring as more of the sailors came upon the ship.  ''Get in soldiers!  We need to get there by morning tomorrow!'' yelled a man.  From where you walked, you noticed his blonde hair and green eyes.  You rushed as you saw the last sailor walking up to the ship.  ''Maybe they wouldn't notice!  Though it isn't likely for a girl to walk upon one of these ships at night… hopefully they won't mind…'' you thought about the situation.  ''What if they found me out and threw me over board?'' in your mind swam deep thoughts.  

You made it on the ship that night without being recognized as a lowly citizen of the land.  You hid from most of the people.  Stepping on board, you hid behind barrels and tried to hide in the darkness as the ship started.  Suddenly, you heard a young mans call.  His attention was on you.  ''Hey, you!  Are you a new comer?'' he had a British accent.  A bit startled at his voice, you turned around to face him slowly.  ''I asked you a question sailor!'' you answered at once, ''Y-yes sir!  A newcomer indeed!'' you tried your best to sound like a male.  He stopped to observe your face.  ''You seem like an interesting person… are you a female by any chance?''.  You were shocked for a moment, ''N-no sir!  Not at all, why would you think so?'' you asked, trying to sound a bit boyish.  ''I guess it was just me, not to offend you dear boy.  But you looked like a girl for a second.  Well anyways, it's nice to meet you.  I am the Captain; you can refer to me as Captain Kirkland king of the seas.  You seem like a good lad''.  He nodded and placed his hand over his lip.  ''Yes a very special lad indeed, dear boy.  Please do follow me; I will take you to your cabin.  Come with me'' he indicated for you to follow him.  ''Yes Captain!'' you said with a salute.
Yes, it indeed is a pirate story, hope you guys like it! This one is a full story, since I thought it was rather interesting to place it as.

I hope you guys like it! I had to do a quick brain storm of this story, so I hope it isnít that bad.

Characters © Hidekaz Himaruya

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Parissimmons Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
Let me guess he knows im a girl then he will take me to his cabin and flirt like no tommorrow.
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am i gonna get raped? o-o why is always rape with me? XD But i do like it :3
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i love it! i really love england in this story.
AkikoGurl Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
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